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Oxygen Analysers and Monitors

SAT Systems make a range of oxygen analysers using several different sensor technologies including:

  • Electro-chemical
  • Fluorescence Quenching
  • Paramagnetic

Electro-chemical sensors are low cost but require periodic replacement as they deplete in proportion to the oxygen concentration they are exposed to. The majority of electro-chemical oxygen sensors use a small amount of lead for the sensor anode and a mild caustic electrolyte to generate current proportional to oxygen concentration.

Our fluorescence quenching oxygen sensors offer many advantages including high resolution, excellent temperature stability and long life in excess of 5 years. This sensor technology is available as an option in most of our analysers.

Paramagnetic oxygen sensors use the fairly unique property of oxygen that causes it to be attracted to a magnetic field. There are several methods of detecting the paramagnetism of oxygen, the magneto-dynamic method is used in the SAT-5 paramagnetic analyser. This detection method is largely unaffected by the composition of the background gas.

All our gas analysers have barometric pressure and temperature compensation to improve their day to day stability.

Oxygen analysers are available in the SAT-5 & Air-5 range of products. We also have a range of portable units as detailed in the tabs below:

Please click on one of the following for more information:


SAT-5 Oxygen Electrochemical Analyser – An oxygen electrochemical analyser for use in saturation diving.

SAT-5 Oxygen Fluorescence Quenching Analyser – A 0-40% oxygen analyser with the latest sensor technology.

SAT-5 Paramagnetic Oxygen Analyser –  A 0 – 100 % oxygen analyser with the latest sensor technology


Air-5 Combined Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser – Designed for use in air diving operations, housed in a rugged IP 65 rated die cast aluminium case.

Air-5 Combined Oxygen Analyser and Temperature Monitor – Designed to measure a diver’s oxygen and hot water supply temperature.

Air-5 Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser High Resolution – Designed for monitoring compressors and other equipment using the latest sensor technology.

Air-5 Hyperbaric Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Monitor – designed for monitoring the environment inside a pressurised compartment


O2 Lite – A portable oxygen analyser with adjustable high and low alarms.

O2 Lite PPO2 – A hyperbaric portable oxygen monitor which measures oxygen partial pressure.

O2 Lite – FQ – A portable oxygen analyser with adjustable high and low audio visual alarms with mute. It measures oxygen with a fluorescence quenching oxygen sensor.

O2100 – A portable analyser that will measure oxygen in the range 0 to 100%.

CO2000 – A portable combined carbon dioxide and oxygen analyser.

CO2000 O2 FQ – A self contained carbon dioxide and oxygen analyser that uses a solid state NDIR carbon dioxide sensor and a high stability optical oxygen sensor


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