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CO2000 O2FQ

Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen Analyser Combined unit CO2000 FQ


The CO2000 O2FQ is a self contained carbon dioxide and oxygen analyser that uses a solid state NDIR carbon dioxide sensor and a high stability optical oxygen sensor.


The CO2000 O2FQ is housed in a sealed aluminium case that makes it suitable for use in hostile environments. The unit is self contained, battery powered and portable but can be used in fixed installations where it can be panel mounted using the fixing kit provided and left permanently on charge.


The CO2000 O2FQ includes new features:


  • Barometric compensation of the sensor readings to improve stability
  • Solid state NDIR carbon dioxide sensor for durability
  • Long life high stability optical detection oxygen sensor that only depletes when powered up
  • Very low power consumption that gives excellent autonomy when used on battery power.
  • Integrated gas sample flow controller and electronic flow meter with flow failure alarm
  • Universal AC mains or wide input DC power supply
  • IP65 housing


Typical applications include:


  • Air diving deck decompression chamber analysis
  • Self Propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboat chamber analysis
  • Tunnelling machine transfer lock analysis
  • Hyperbaric rescue chamber analysis



Carbon dioxide analyser

Operating Principle : Solid State non dispersive infrared

Range : 0 to 9999 ppm carbon dioxide

Resolution : ±1 ppm

Accuracy :  ±2% of reading

Sensor life : > 10 years


Oxygen analyser

Range: : 0 to 40% oxygen

Resolution : 0.1% oxygen

Accuracy : 1% of reading if calibrated in the range of interest, 1% of full scale

(If calibrated at full scale)

Sensor  Type : Fluorescence quenching

Sensor Life : 5 years in use


General Specifications

Model Number : B09-35-12 (90-250 VAC) or B09-35-13 (9 to 36 VDC)

Sample Flow : 0.5l/min

Recommended sample pressure : 15 psi

Maximum sample pressure : 200 psi

Housing : Painted Aluminium IP Sealed Case (IP65)

Power Requirements : 110 – 220 VAC 50/60Hz or 10-36VDC(5W)

Operating Temperature : 0 to +50 °C

Weight : 2.3 Kg

Size : 172mm Wide x 112mm High x 223mm Deep

Approvals : EN61326-1:2013 EN61010-1:2010


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