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SAT Systems offer a wide range of instrumentation, designed and manufactured in-house specifically to satisfy the requirements of the end user. Having established product ranges such as the portable hyperbaric monitors and digital display environment analysers, SAT Systems are committed to expand and improve upon their equipment range to ensure they deliver competitive, reliable and quality products in order to maintain recognition as the market leader in hyperbaric solutions.

Below you will find a few of the popular product ranges:

SAT-5 – designed specifically for use within saturation diving systems were they provide unparalleled features and performance. The instruments are housed in custom cases that can be either panel mounted or installed into a 19”sub-rack frame.

AIR-5 –  a range of instruments which are intended for air diving operations. These instruments have been designed to provide high performance yet cost effective solutions for air diving systems. They are housed differently to the SAT-5 saturation diving analysers because they often have to cope with harsher conditions.

Portable – a selection of portable, long-life battery powered analysers and monitors. Examples include Oxygen analysers, Oxygen Partial Pressure monitors and a combined Carbon Dioxide & Oxygen analyser.

DPM72 – a self-contained unit housed in a DIN standard rack width case that can be easily panel mounted. The product range includes gas analysis (such as Oxygen, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide & Hydrogen), Temperature & Humidity monitors, Pressure monitors and more. These instruments have now been superseded by the SAT-5 & Air-5 range – please contact us for pricing and availability.

OEM72 – a compact modular unit in a DIN 72 standard case, ideally suited for panel mounting. A sensor is supplied for remote installation. Examples include gas analysis and environmental monitors as mentioned in the above DPM72 range. These instruments have now been superseded by the SAT-5 & Air-5 range – please contact us for pricing and availability.


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