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CO2-Lite 0-50 mbar CO2 Hyperbaric monitor

CO2-Lite 0-50 mbar Hyperbaric monitor


The CO2-Lite hyperbaric carbon dioxide monitor measures CO2 in heliox using an LED NDIR sensor with a >10 year life.

Carbon dioxide partial pressure is displayed with 0.01 mbar CO2 resolution on a back-lit LCD display. The measurement is compensated for ambient pressure and temperature variations.

The monitor has an adjustable high audio visual alarm with mute.

Possible applications include:

  • Backup CO2 monitor in hyperbaric chambers and diving bells
  • Portable CO2 monitor for use when entering transfer trunking or any space where online analysis is not available


  • Tested to 350 MSW in heliox
  • Compliant with IMCA D024
  • Lloyds design appraisal for use to 350 MSW
  • Single point calibration while at pressure by refence to an external analyser or zero gas generated using a soda lime scrubber and hand pump
  • Can be used as a portable or panel mounted using an optional bezel
  • Internal rechargeable battery that provides several days autonomy between charges
  • Battery status indication and low battery warning


Range: 0 to 50.00 mbar CO2  in heliox over 1 to 36 bar absolute
Resolution: 0.01 mbar CO2
Accuracy: +/- 3% of reading when<10 mbar CO2 & +/- 10% FS when > 30 mbar CO2
Power Supply: 18 to 28 VDC and 6 Volt NIMH  battery
Environmental: Sealed to IP65
Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm x 60mm
Model Number: A08-35-17
Weight: 600 grams

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