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Oxygen Analysers and Monitors

SAT Systems make a range of oxygen analysers using several different sensor technologies including:

  • Electro-chemical
  • Fluorescence Quenching
  • Paramagnetic
  • Zirconia (Please contact us for more information & availability)

All our new range analysers have barometric pressure compensation as standard. This has improved the day to day stability of the instruments. Analysers such as the O2-lite, CO2000 MKIII and all of the Air-5 and SAT-5 units benefit from this technology so they don’t require frequent calibration.

The most popular oxygen analysers use electro-chemical sensors. Electro-chemical sensors are low cost and able to work under pressure when a direct partial pressure measurement is required. Electrochemical sensors have to be replaced as they deplete with use.

Our oxygen fluorescence quenching sensors, currently available in our SAT-5 range of equipment, offer many advantages including high resolution, excellent temperature stability, barometric pressure compensation and long life in excess of 5 years.

Paramagnetic sensors use the physical property of oxygen which makes it attracted by a magnet. The paramagnetic effect is affected by temperature so the sensor has to have temperature compensation built in. Paramagnetic oxygen sensors do not deplete with time like electro-chemical sensors, but they are much more expensive and cannot be used under pressure.

The Zirconia oxygen sensor uses a zirconium dioxide solid electrolyte in a current limiting circuit to measure oxygen. This sensor is particularly good at measuring low oxygen concentrations such as trace oxygen in nitrogen generators. The sensor is very stable and does not require periodic calibration. Please contact us for more information & availability.

Oxygen analysers are available in the SAT-5 & Air-5 range of products. We also have a range of portable units as detailed in the tabs below:

Please click on one of the following for more information:


SAT-5 Oxygen Electrochemical Analyser – an oxygen electrochemical analyser for use in saturation diving.

SAT-5 Oxygen Fluorescence Quenching Analyser – a 0-40% oxygen analyser with the latest sensor technology.


Air-5 Combined Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Analyser – designed for use in air diving operations, housed in a rugged IP 65 rated die cast aluminium case.

Air-5 Combined Oxygen Analyser and Temperature Monitor – designed to measure a diver’s oxygen and hot water supply temperature.


O2 Lite – a portable oxygen analyser with adjustable high and low alarms.

O2100 – a portable analyser that will measure oxygen in the range 0 to 100%.

CO2000 – a portable combined carbon dioxide and oxygen analyser.

DPM & OEM Units

DPM72 O2 – The DPM72 O2 is a self contained oxygen analyser housed in a 3U x 21HP sub-rack case.

DPM72 O2P –  a Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser in a self-contained unit housed in a custom 3u x 1/2 rack width case.

DPM72 O2Z – an Oxygen analyser unit is housed in a custom 3u x 1/2 rack width case fitted with a sample flow-meter.

OEM72 O2 – an Oxygen analyser in modular form that consists of a panel mounted display unit and a separate sensor that can be installed remotely.

OEM72 O2P – a Paramagnetic Oxygen analyser in modular form

OEM72 O2Z – a Zirconia Oxygen analyser unit in modular form that consists of a panel mounted display unit and a separate sensor


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